Hi guys,Chrizma Hosler - Singer/Songwriter of RoZmata

I’m Chrizma Hosler, singer/songwriter of the newly formed band RoZmata. These last few months, working on our first album together, has literally been life changing for me. Before we got together as a full band, I was at the point in my existence, where I thought I’d never get a legit band together. I thought for awhile, that I was wasting my time and energy, because no one seemed to be on my wave nor were they seeming to notice, or even care about it. That didn’t stop me from trying though, and I don’t think anything ever can stop me from pursuing music and the arts. It truly is my passion.

I’ve been writing poetry now for about 20 years and singing for basically my whole entire life. My grandpa, was a pastor and choir director, at my childhood church for over thirty years, arranging musicals, leading worship, and he also would be seen leading church sermons quite often, too. I was quite the rebel back then, not that I’m not now..But, I couldn’t really stand being a part of all that stuff, so eventually I stopped going and became the family misfit. You know, “the bad girl” “sinner” “girl with major problems” I can’t say it wasn’t hell fighting to be myself at a young age because it kinda was lol. One thing that stuck with me from then on after, was music though. I never could get over music, although I was so shy about singing back then, that no one would have ever imagined that one day I’d be the lead singer in a band, not even I would have believed it.

A few years ago, after going through a lot of hardships and finding myself knocked down in the gutter in life, I finally stopped writing in silence. I stopped hiding my poems crumbled in a drawer. I stopped muting my actually very LOUD voice. I wrote a song, and I sang it over and over again with all the energy I had. I had to sing my songs, a cappella, into my phone at the time, since that’s all I had to work with. I could just definitely hear that I was onto something, and I wanted to keep pushing it further. So, eventually I started reaching out to friends online about forming a band or finding even just somebody, to come and jam with me and try to come up with some stuff together. And for over two years, nothing really happened. I sat home in my room writing and recording my little songs, all alone. I started to show a few friends finally, then I’d go sing on the side of the road in front of bars, and I’d start stalking local musicians on Facebook lol just looking to add as many musicians around, in hopes something might work out with someone eventually.

Finally I ran into my long-time buddy, Jeremy Roe, who is now lead guitarist of RoZmata. He ended up noticing what I was doing and after only a day of us hanging and jamming out, we wrote our first song “Fading out” which kinda sparked this whole new epic journey we’re on. We were inside my apartment going over recordings of mine at first, and he was just jamming some random stuff of his, and then we decided we needed some vitamin D. So, we ran out to my backyard and while soaking up some sunlight, Jeremy started rocking this melody. I lit up a cigarette and did my thing, and I started just totally feeling the vibe right away. So, I started humming my part, and immediately we were like, “holy crap, we’ve got to run inside and get this thing recorded!”

Then later that same evening, a song I had written a few years prior, made it’s way into the works. The song “Off this ride” had started out as just an ‘A cappella’ recording, that I had on my tablet. The things he did to that song, it really gave me perspective that I was off to a great start in music because I finally found someone that picked up on my vibe. At first though, I kept getting wigged out, like saying, “are you sure these melodies fit” like, as if I couldn’t really pick up on that, you know? Because I don’t play music, I sing and write. And how I was singing and writing alone for so long, I got too used to that. It took me a little bit to see how my songs fit with the music like in mtg songs, “Off This Ride” and “The Devil’s Got His Hands in my Pockets” they changed a little with the music I think is why because I found a spot for them elsewhere, but where they now existed as something in unity. That whole experience was life changing for me. I still think that every day, watching how far we’re coming along that I couldn’t be more proud of us all; I’m really proud of myself, especially looking back on my past.

Okay moving along, so soon Jeremy and I started jamming more and more together, coming up with new great ideas each time. Then not long after, Jeremy got hold of Matt Grudzinski(Bass) and Darren Hadlock(Drums) and we all met up to jam. Things just seemed to come together so fast it was completely unreal to me. I’m still like, the little baby in all this. I literally still feel so new to this all. That’s kinda why I guess I’m going all out. And things have been coming along so great and so fast I’m learning a ton, so I feel like we should go all out.

Not long ago now, we decided we were missing a crucial element in our band: THE SAXOPHONIST. So, we started our search online, and it didn’t take long at all for Nick Sheler ( who plays Sax with us now) to say that he was down to join RoZmata. With us all jamming together now, it started coming together so nicely. We all just vibe together so well. A lot of what we do is just jamming out, we make sure to have fun with it. We go into it, in a very free type of way. Of course, there’s order to a degree in all music, but the whole creation process has been so raw and fluid with RoZmata. Every time we get together, we’re evolving together, we’re vibing on an even deeper level than before. Our passion for music, I think, is really our strongest element that gives us depth. When we’re rocking out, we’re shoveling out our souls, we’re shedding out all the beauty and chaos within us, and it’s a beautiful thing to experience because it’s all done with us there and in the now. Every session, we just naturally come together, even when we’re so lost in it all. We rehearse, we create order, and we give meaning, but when it comes down to it, RoZmata is free. We have many different inspirations that we draw from, many different moods we each experience while performing, and many new ideas that we pour out, on a whim. We do improvise a lot. The songs although fixed, change; they’re unbound. We’re all able to go out of the lines and make it into something more each time. I think that’s been the most important thing I’ve learned, is to just trust myself, trust the guys, and to trust where the music is here and now.

I never went to school for music or sang in choir. I don’t know all the technicalities in music creation, but I know music in a whole other way I guess, and I’m rolling with it. So, maybe you’ll enjoy and maybe you won’t but this isn’t about all that stuff, it’s about music!

Peace 🙂


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